Strength Training for Health

Lifting weights is probably the most effective exercise you can do to improve your overall health and general well-being. Strength training increases your metabolism, and builds your strength and confidence. Strength training can improve your game no matter what sport you practice, and it improves cardiovascular function and heart health. Lifting weights can strengthen bones and reduce, or even prevent, symptoms of osteoporosis.Large or small, long or short, anyone can reap great benefits from lifting weights. With increasing age our metabolism slows and muscle mass and bone density are gradually lost. The loss of muscle mass also lead to a slower metabolism, and this will lead to a vicious cycle of obesity and an inactive lifestyle, which brings with it many other health problems. Now I don´t claim that weight lifting and strength training can reverse the process of getting older, but it can stop the vicious downwards cycle, and it can make you feel good and fit, whatever your age.The most difficult part of most fitness programs is sticking with them long enough to make a real difference. With strength training, it´s easier to stay motivated and keep going than with many other workout methods, because real results can be experienced in a relatively short time. You´ll notice a clear increase in your strength and endurance after just a few weeks of working out. And not only in the gym – suddenly your shopping bags will feel much lighter. If you practice another sport, you´ll notice your stronger muscles will allow you to perform much better than before. In addition, as you increase your lean muscle strength, you´ll be able to burn more calories during any exercise, thereby helping your body to burn fat.Many people start weight lifting only to improve their looks and to sculpt their body. What they don´t realize is that they are doing wonders for their overall health when they work out their muscles. In the past, most fitness experts have recommended aerobic exercise to improve cardiovascular health, but recent studies have shown that weightlifting also strengthens the cardiovascular system. This shouldn´t come as a big surprise, since the heart and lungs are the support system of the muscles during and after a workout. So today, many health coaches suggest that you should make sure to include strength training as part of any fitness program to improve your health.