An Online Marketing System – What Makes An Effective Online Marketing System?

Looking for anonline marketing system? Want to know how one will benefit you and help you grow your business? The following article will help you in knowing what an effective online marketing system is and what it should do for you and your business.It has been said a thousand if not a million times that systems work, people don’t and I would heartily agree with that concept. Here is an example of it in action, do you think you could cook or make a better hamburger than MacDonald’s? I am sure the answer is yes in most instances, but can you build a better business than McDonald’s? Well I am guessing the answer to that is no because your sat here reading this article looking for a marketing system. You see MacDonald’s is fantastic business made up of numerous systems, hence why that worldwide corporation is run at ground (customer facing) level by people primarily under the age of twenty. They are shown how to operate and use the system and away they go.When you are marketing online you will need two systems in place for your business to succeed. The first is your sales funnel and the other is your time and work implementation system. Let me address the sales funnel first.The sales funnel as the first part of your online marketing system.A sales funnel is a process in which you draw the prospect through readily offering them information or services to help them in their quest or cause all the time priming them or warming them up ready to purchase from you. The number one mistake of a lot of people when working online is to drive traffic straight to a sales page, yes some mud will stick and you will make a sale or two. Why not drive that same traffic to a landing page that will offer them something in exchange for a name and email address. This could be in the form of a video, an eBook, free report anything of value that can help people.Now you have people onto your list you can begin to market to that list exclusively, offer those products or introduce them to products that will help them in their quest to achieve whatever it is they want to achieve. A word of warning here, you are looking to create repeat business as well, do not sell your list rubbish, make sure what you sell is of prime quality and that you have tested or used it yourself personally. So really your online marketing system in a nutshell is this:
a) drive traffic to a landing page,
b) capture data and bring on to your email list
c) Build a relationship with that list
d) Market to that list.Time and work implementation as the second part of your online marketing systemThe second part of your online marketing system that should be in place is your time and work implementation schedule. Make sure when it comes to actually marketing your business and driving traffic to your landing page, or creating your website or broadcasting to your list, whatever task that needs to be done for your business, make sure the time is scheduled in for you to do it. This is so important when working online because the internet is the most distracting place in the world to be working, it is so easy to flit from one site to another and then another and get nothing done. Write down exactly what tasks you will do and when. Stick to the plan and you will succeed no doubt about it.To help build your own marketing system and sales funnel for whatever business, service or product you are selling, please feel free to check out the link below.