How To Use “Old-Fashioned” Online Marketing To Boost Your Business

If you were to open a new Google search window and type in any keyword relating your business (if you were Ikea, you might type in ‘furniture’, for example), you will be met with a virtual wall of competition. You will need to sift through aggressive AdWords pitches and sneakily optimized websites in order to sus out who you are competing against. But are there any “old-fashioned” online marketing techniques that you could be using?Generating leads and marketing dataThere is a wealth of information available online that can help you to generate some highly helpful marketing data, and even some leads for your business. If you worked for a web design company, for example, you could scan listings through websites such as Yelp, Google Local and the Yellow Pages for businesses that don’t have much of an online presence. Record their contact information to use for an email online marketing campaign that is targeted at generating business from companies that lack an internet persona.Finding the decision makersOnce you have created a list of businesses that you are planning on marketing to, you need to start the process of getting your foot through the door. Many companies, smaller ones especially, receive marketing information on a daily basis, which can make it very difficult for your information to reach someone who has the power to say ‘yes’. Emails to customer addresses (you know, the traditional ‘[email protected]’ ones) are often blocked or deleted by receptionists who simply do not care about passing information on. As a part of your online marketing campaign, utilize networks (such as LinkedIn) and the company website to determine who the owners and managers of the businesses on your list are. Often, you can find out their personal email addresses and contact them this way.Look for uncompetitive prospectsA lot of people are yet to take their internet marketing campaign to a more local level – instead they are too focused on marketing to the wider population. It is actually possible to generate a substantial amount of new business (as well as return and referral business) by marketing locally, so you should take advantage of the local online marketing resources scattered across the web, such as Google Maps, Google Local and other review sites.Unfortunately, search engines are rife with competition these days – larger businesses can afford to pay for AdWords or related web marketing adverts that constantly place them on top, and other businesses utilize sneaky techniques that aren’t entirely ethical but get them great results for the time being. Why not use some of these “old-fashioned” online marketing techniques to see whether they generate some more business for your company?